10 Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids in 2020 | Latest Updated

Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids to Buy in 2020 | Best Buyer’s Guide

Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids

Top 10 Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids in 2020 | Best Buyer’s Guide

In Scooters, Parents First Choice for their children is Best Electric Dirt Bikes for kids. There are people that find themselves thinking of buying ordinary stuff like dolls and craft toys for girls, building block toys and toy guns for boys. Children aren’t any more fond of these kids reasonably stuff. Because now these all are outdated and parents also like to buy like Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids.

In fact, kids nowadays choose technology-based gadgets because this attracts them the foremost. Say what! Like you can have a gaming laptop.

Kids find this most appealing to own a gaming laptop, but ensure if your kid is kind of small age then you must buy baby headphones together with the laptop so that his ears won’t get damaged.

Well! We were talking about the Best Electric Dirt Bikes for kids.


Now, in case you particularly want to go enormous and fabulous in the Christmas present for your children, then you definitely need to consider getting them dirt bikes for kids. Electric dirt bikes are of different types, but I can understand you being worried about your child that he/ she will not face any kind of injury while riding on it. So you must be wondering which dirt bike proves to be safe, affordable also easy to ride.

Am I right?

Of course, I am. For this, you have to read

Considering it is electric, you will in no way need to fear about it being dangerous to the atmosphere. Pleasant of all, you receive or you hear from any of your neighbors complaining when you consider that of an awfully loud motor and all other stuff but to be true, electric dust bikes are with ease the most up to now Christmas grants that you just can ever purchase this year.

And to support you pick the excellent one in your child, we now have right here the world’s high electric dirt bikes for your consideration.

List of Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids in 2020:

SX500 McGrathone98 lbs
MX650 Rocket
Editor's Choice
one98.22 lbs
MX500 Rocket
Editor's Choice
10-12 in112 lbs
Razor MX350-
TaoTao DB17
Editor's Choice
10-12 in63.23 lbs
Jetson Electric Bikes15 in56.65 lbs
EM-1000 E-Motorbike-36.5 lbs
Black Widow AMC-400-33.5 lbs
Monster Moto 250 -51 lbs

1. SX500 McGrath (Highly Recommended Dirt Bike for kids)

SX500 McGrath Highly Recommended Dirt Bike for kids

Designed after the legendary motocross bike of certainly one of world’s most popular Supercross/Motocross champions of all time, being the King of Supercross within the 90s, the SX500 McGrath Dirt Rocket is an electrical motocross bike that’s fit for the kid who want to start coaching to turn out to be the subsequent motocross legend of his or her time.

SX500 McGrath Dirt bike Review

The SX500 comes entirely with the signature filth bike body used by McGrath himself in altogether of his Superbikes. It also comes with shatter-resistant fairing design and authentic McGrath portraits to provide your child with a way of being a champion himself or herself. With 16-inch knobby front tires and a 14-inch traction excellent rear tires, the SX500 McGrath is definite to provide the Supercross championship expertise to your children.

It is acquired dual suspension to offer the SX500’s sturdy metal frame outstandingly tender journey regardless of the roughness of the terrain. The chain-driven motor comes with variable speed and no longer the standard 2-speed settings one can find from different electrical dirt bikes for kids. The motor is powered by means of three models of recharge every battery at 12 volts

Speed Control:

Acceleration and speed are managed by way of the twist-grip mechanism on the handlebar. Slowing down or coming to an entire stop is accomplished by using the dual disc brakes that are activated by hand, a bit like what actual motocross bikes have. The attitude of the riser form of handlebar may also be adjusted thus so your child is probably not complaining about uncomfortable dealing with the SX500.

What We Like About It

should you’re going to appear at the SX500, you’d consider that it’s a scaled-down variant of McGrath’s iconic bike. And it quite is. The one difference is that the SX500 runs on the battery-powered electrical motor at the same time the usual runs on the just right of’ gas.

2. MX650 Rocket (Razor Dirt Bike for Kids)

MX650 Rocket Razor Dirt Bike for Kids

If your baby is no longer a kid, however, a teenager, then you are going to want a more serious piece of moto crossing equipment. You are going to need the MX650 Rocket. This Razor desktop is the best dirt bike on for your child or children who have obviously outgrown smaller bikes.

It has the same steel construction as in any other Razor dirt bike permitting even adults as much as 220 kilos to take it to bigger heights. It’s variable speed, chain-pushed, excessive torque, and the super silent electric motor is adequate to haul your child to any kind of terrain. It’s got asymmetrical knobby, motocross-grade tires which are very nearly larger upfront at sixteen inches and smaller yet faster in the rear at 14 inches.

The MX650 has 36 volts of robust batteries enabling it to climb any hill or traverse any terrain. It’s twist-grip velocity and acceleration controls make for exceptional maneuverability.

For splendid riding comfort, the MX650 boasts of efficiency grade dual suspension on a double-crown fork system. That is perfect for these flying stunts which are the envy of alternative bikers. The fully adjustable handlebars of the riser variety with hand-operated brake systems offering superb stopping power to both wheels.

What We Like About It

The MX650 is a monster bike for teens not necessarily youngsters. As long as your child doesn’t see himself as an adult but, he or she can ride the MX650.

3. MX500 Dirt Rocket (Best Dirt Bikes For kids)

MX500 Dirt Rocket Best Dirt Bikes For kids

When you consider the MX350 is underpowered for your kid and the MX650 is readily too much, then probably a Razor bike that’s sitting in between these two models will fit your kid.

The MX500 filth Rocket is Razor’s answer to your needs. However, what makes it exceptional from the other two, you ask? Good, the MX350 is for 13 years old at the same time the MX650 is for sixteen years ancient. The MX500 sits in between at 14 years historical, on the minimum.

The speed can be at the core at 15 miles per hour in comparison with the MX350’s 12 mph and the MX650’s 17 mph.

Aside from these differences, you get essentially the equal sixteen- and 14- inch knobby front and rear tires, respectively.

There’s a dual suspension, tremendous quiet chain pushed and high torque electric powered motor with its vigor supplied by a procedure of lead-acid, UL certified rechargeable batteries. It has an equal riser form of without difficulty adjustable and secure handlebars.

What do We like about It 

what’s there not to like about the MX500? We’re a little stressed in regards to the classification of Razor for its merchandise, although.
We think it might have been higher to simply provide you with a single design with wholly adjustable speed settings in view that, technically, this is the only factor that separates the MX500 from the MX350 and MX650. If the 1-year minimum age difference between the MX350 and MX500 or the two-12 month’s difference between the MX500 and the MX650, we’d say we’d higher get the MX650.

4. Razor Mx350 Rocket (Dirt bikes for 12-year-olds)

Razor Mx350 Rocket Dirt bikes for 12 year olds

Probably the most first-rate-watching & highly Recommended electrical dirt bikes we’ve visible for pre-young adults is the MX350 dirt Rocket from renowned manufacturer Razor.

This motocross stimulated dirt bike are somethings that children will relatively take to close to any terrain with its ultra-fast and large knobby tires powered with the aid of an ideal relatively, chain pushed, single-speed, excessive torque motor. Their difficulty isn’t any terrain that the MX350 is not going to go.

All of your kid will ever need is that the center to take the MX350 to anywhere your child’s palms will take it. Simply twist and grip the acceleration control.

The 12-inch tires are utterly pneumatic offering a pleasing driving remedy pretty much as good as perfect traction on any terrain. There’s no pain behind. It has high-grade steel construction enabling the best potent durability. The totally adjustable riser variety handlebars enable top of the road driving sort.

The double crown fork presents great aid to the knobby tires, absorbing the up and down movement of excessive-pace off-roading. The motor is powered with the aid of 2 items of robust 12-volt rechargeable batteries which can be of the sealed lead acid style.

What We Like About It

The MX350 is a superb introductory Motocrosser for your kid. It boasts of the signature high-quality craftsmanship that Razor is broadly identified for. Just make sure that your kid will probably be driving it whole with protective equipment like a helmet and gloves.

5. TaoTao Dirt Bike( 125cc dirt bike for kids)

TaoTao Dirt Bike 125cc dirt bike for kids

For those looking to enter the offroad world and make their mark, the TaoTao DB17 125cc  is an excellent place to start.

Although without the high-end frills and bells and whistles of bikes in a bigger engine category, the Tao Tao is a fine bike for those watching to take a look at their expertise either off-road or on-road for the primary time. A just-right acceleration and respectable top pace of 37 MPH means that it has a balanced learning curve, and gained take too long to teach the ropes of.

It has a mainly gentle journey consider, and its responsive acceleration is ideal—adequate power when you want it, but is under no circumstances overbearing and unwieldy the way in which a 250cc engine can also be sometimes. This makes for an awfully good balanced bike, if you would like to take it onto the track, it’s going to perform, but if you want to go offroading with your friends, it can handle that as well, taking sharp turns and terrain elevation very well.

Guide transmission, front-wheel size 70/100-17″, rear-wheel dimension 90/100-14″, 125cc air-cooled single cylinder 4 stroke engine, kick start, the seat height of 30.7″, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes.

What We Like About It

an air-cooled, 4 strokes single cylinder 125cc engine and a prime speed of 37 MPH. It’s available in blue, inexperienced, orange, purple and white colors. It features guide transmission with entrance and rear hydraulic disc brakes, with a twin spare heavy obligation metal frame and entrance double shocks and rear mono-shocks.

6. Jetson Electric Bike (Electric Dirt Bike For Under 10 Year)

Jetson Electric Bike Electric Dirt Bike For Under 10 Year

Desire a relatively designated and high-quality-looking filth bike for your young baby? Then get the Junior E-Bike. The design is patterned really after a Harley-Davidson chopper with its signature gorilla handlebar, even though this one’s styled for children. It’s in reality fine for journeying the streets of your local or even the walkways in the park. However given the truth that it has fairly broad and fat pneumatic tires, the Junior E-Bike is the best off-avenue dust bike as well.

The Junior comes in four special color schemes – camouflage for the courageous, flames of the adventurer, red camouflage for the brave young girl, and hearts for the romantic.

It expenses quickly at about four hours max. This is sufficient to get your kid up to 10 miles earlier than he or she wishes to recharge. There’s no ignition key. Your child will conveniently flip the power on change and he or she will already be riding the junior.

What We Like About It

The Junior’s detailed styling is what we rather cherished about it. We handiest wished that the seat used to be adding a bit of shrink to quite simulate the iconic choppers from Harley-Davidson. Nevertheless, this is one fairly awesome grime bike that you would be able to give your child this Christmas. And it’s a lot more cost-effective than many of the filth bikes on our list, too.

7. EM-1000 (Best Dirt Bikes for 12-year-Olds)

EM-1000 Best Dirt Bikes for 12 year Olds

If you looking for a low-priced but truly useful and fashionable dust bike that’s powered by an awfully quiet motor on your eight years old kid. Then how about taking closer to appearing on the EM-1000 E-bike? This blue or red electric grime bike pushed by means of a one-hundred-watt tremendous quiet, chain pushed engine powered by using a rechargeable battery approach that packs 24 volts of vigor.

This is adequate to let your kid enjoy the EM-a thousand for roughly 40 minutes. The EM-a thousand developed of premium grade metal for its splendid dirt bike body. Its knobby entrance tire designed to prove against punctures at the same time its rear tires are thoroughly pneumatic to aid furnish a more secure journey. It additionally a twist-grip throttle approach that lifted from the instantaneous Throttle Response methods of professional motocross.

What We Like About It

The cost of the EM-1000 is really considered one of its strongest facets. Its aspects don’t disappoint as well. Technically you may have the ideal steadiness between affordability and performance. Extra well known for his or her Kick N’ Go sequence, Pulse performance is nonetheless a reliable company you can depend on to churn excellent products.

8: AMC-400 (Best Dirt Bikes Sports)

AMC-400 Best Dirt Bikes Sports

It picks up a system of truck bed tie-down system and transports a dirt bike MX bike off the road or a motocross bike using vehicle hitch receiver in place of a motorcycle trailer. One of the most durable, lightweight vehicle carriers is this one. Constructed with aluminum material and tires dimension of about 5.5″ width, Black Widow AMC-400 sports bike carrier works outstanding.

For easy loading and unloading of the carrier, it owns a ramp of about 45.5″ L. At the same time for securing and stabilizing of the dirt bikes. Each of the carriers has two integrated tie-down points. For 50-80cc youth dirt bike pulling and dragging, it has an inbuilt space bar.

Well-constructed with all-aluminum 75″L carrier ramp and a heavy-duty steel tube and supporting frame. It is an ideal choice for pick-up trucks, SUVs, RV’s and vans.

To help keep wheels firm in place, rungs are provided with a distance of 6.75″ apart from each other. To offer an increased tires stability, at one end with a distance of 16″ rung is spaced. 18″ from the center of the hitch pin to the center of the carrier platform is the clearance measurement. Side-to-side wobble is big trouble for offside road traveling. A solution to this problem the installed anti-tilt brackets in dirt bike hitch carrier system. With a maximum carrying capacity of 400lbs, it is not suitable to use for scooters or mopeds. It does not come to the market with straps and soft loops.


  • A single motocross hauling
  • Off-road MX or dirt bike
  • A 2 inch Class III or IV hitch receiver
  • A carrier track of 75″ L
  • A rung spacing of 6.75″ W
  • From hitch pin to carrier 18″ clearance
  • A loading ramp of 45.5″ and a hook attaching lip of 67.”
  • Includes a youth dirt bike adapter and anti-tilt bracket
  • Made of aluminum platform and a heavy-duty steel frame
  • Bears a maximum capacity of about 400lb


You get what you pay for here! A carrier named AMC-400 Sports Bike Carrier, worth each penny you spend. Easy loading and unloading is a prime feature this carrier owns. An anti-wobble property makes this thing quite stable. If all you want your bike is to stay in place and not rock much on bumps or turns, this carrier highly recommended. It works flawlessly and amazingly. A super lightweight and high-quality motorbike carrier for what you pay would not disappoint you anyway. I would suggest that for your motorbike, this should be your first choice!

9: Monster Moto 250 Electric Mini Bike

Monster Moto 250 Electric Mini Bike


  • Size is 250 Watt
  • Set up is simple. Attach handlebars>charge the batteries
  • A toolkit is included
  • Charging is easy
  • Durably constructed and built to last
  • Powder-coated and welded tube steel frame
  • Polypropylene fenders which are tough and no-dent
  • Ready for the rugged outdoors
  • Has a limiter switch with a safety limit that toggles between 7 and 11 mph
  • An Owner’s Manual
  • A certificate of origin

Monster Moto 250 Electric Mini Bike Review

Monster Moto is a company based in the US and is famous for making high-quality and affordable mini electric bikes for youngsters. Each of its products manufactured with detailed attention to construction. To explore off-roads and avail new adventures, this is an excellent thing launched by Monster Moto. Re-known for its excellent customer care service, this company builds its products at an untouchable standard.

Amongst the clutter of Monster Moto’s products, we are at this moment presenting you Monster Moto 250 Watt Electric Mini Bike–MM-E250-PR.

With Monster Moto mini e-bike, enjoy years full of fun experiences and a great time. Offering you so many epic moments and unremarkable fun, this little sporty creation is not less in quality and look as well. Once you get this thing home, get an advantage of it by customizing it to your will accordingly.

  • Added LED Light for safety
  • Made up of quality material
  • Affordable
  • Comes with charger for mini need work
  • Assembly required

What We Like About It: Made for youngsters this beast is classic. With its fantastic looks and super-fast performance, it can impress you and your kids with ease. Therefore, for your kids to learn on, it is a good choice.

10: Razor Pocket (Best Razor Electric Dirt Bike)

Razor Pocket Best Razor Electric Dirt Bike


  • Riders of up to 170 pounds can carry with it
  • With speed up to 15 MPH, you can have a powerful ride
  • For a smooth ride large pneumatic tires of 10-inch.
  • A motor of high torque
  • Owns a chain drive motor of single speed for super-quiet operation
  • A rear brake that is hand-operated
  • 2 battery systems of 12V each with a lead-acid seal
  • Continuous use of up to 30 minutes
  • 12 hours of battery charge time
  • Battery charger (UL Approved)

Razor Pocket Dirk Bikes for Kids Review:

Just before starting the main part, let us tell you what Razor holds for you?

A famous company based in Cerritos and California provides room for a variety of products from the electric driven toys to a wide range of scooters covering both adults as well as kid’s needs at the same time. An award-winning private company nowadays stands on the frontline. Among the sack full of high-tech products, we are going to pick one for you that is Pocket Rocket Miniature Electric Bike by Razor.

Product’s description, specs, pros and cons and lastly our final verdict have presented under:

It is evident that these days, kids have become over-smart because of the technology increasing at an alarming rate around them.

They thrive for innovations and in turn, expect something different and exciting in gifts, otherwise, they won’t accept :p keeping these intentions in mind, parents seek for the creations that can best capture their kids’ interest. What else could be the best choice than an electric-powered Razor Pocket Rocket Mini Bike?

This exceptionally designed mini bike is for the kids of the age of 10 or up. A product best at providing speed up to 15 mph at the same time can hold up to the capacity of pounds. It is a real thrill, and now even kids can control and steer it just like adults. Once you get charged, it can be for 45 minutes non-stop. Featured with a “twisted-bottle” throttle, acceleration can control.

  • Superfast motorbike
  • Durable and reliable
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Safety is a big concern
  • Size issue arises sometimes

Final Verdict: An e-mini bike, no doubt, is one of the best innovations on the market. With its long-lasting battery and super-fast nature, it has made its place on the list of high-tech mini sporty bikes. Indeed, Razor Pocket Rocket is the best choice for your kids.

How we choose the top electrical Dirt Bikes in Our list:

Ever on account that we have rocked with the information of exploding batteries in self-balancing scooters and hoverboards. Plus the up to date Samsung Galaxy Be aware 7 debacles buyers are getting particularly worried about purchasing digital gadgets exceptionally rechargeable techniques.

This is the predominant focus of our research on the top electric dirt bikes this 2020. On the grounds that all of that merchandise run on an electric motor. It’s crucial that we opt for only bikes that have handed the rigorous testing of the Underwriters Laboratories. At the least, we will also guarantee you that the dirt bike you’re going to purchase on your baby is not going to go up in flames while charging or will not explode properly underneath your child’s backside. That would readily be unacceptable.

Kids Comfortability:

We then checked out its development. Because our object of interest is a dirt bike, the suspension is central. This has to be very sturdy and might face up to the roughness of off-street and rocky terrain. We particularly would prefer children to have an extraordinarily comfy experience at the same time they’re utilizing the dirt bike either of their exploration or in their exhibition. To enrich the alleviation provided by using the suspension system. It’s a must that the tires provide pleasant traction as well. This is very important considering an uneven terrain will most often spell spills and wipeouts. And we don’t want that, can we?
Maneuverability, charging affectivity, and the overall ride time needed to regard as well. It could be pointless charging a dust bike for twenty-four hours best to use it in under an hour. Additionally, if the grime bike has a velocity limiting system in the situation, then we need to don’t forget this as good above all when you’re when you consider that on giving it to a young child.

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We then read the comments, feedback, and even questions of shoppers involving the product. We had to make certain that our picks additionally mirror the sentiment of most people. The popularity of the enterprise also taken into careful consideration. If the manufacturer can furnish a protracted warranty or warranty period for its merchandise. Then this can be a very positive sign that they stand by way of the quality of their merchandise.

With these, we were able to come up with a shortlist of the top electric dirt bikes for children.

Safe tips for kids when Riding Electric Dirt Bikes:

Similar to riding any two-wheeled journey-on toy. It is central that children riding dirt bikes. It fuel-powered or electric must normally adhere to detailed security rules. If your children are too young to fully grasp the need for such ideas.

They might she or he is not yet matched to riding any such toys. When you insist on letting your little one play with a majority of these playthings. You then must be in charge enough to at all times keep a watchful eye on your kid; lest you invite danger which is just lurking in any nook.

Here are some tips to help your kid stay safe when riding his or her electrical dirt bike:

Best Electric Dirt Bikes Guide, Read this

  • Consistently determine the laws, ideas, and rules in your nation, your state, and the town where you are living in. Many international locations today have already got their respective E-Bike legal guidelines to provide guidance on what may also consider riskless and damaging driving practices.
  • Make your baby put on the correct protecting equipment reminiscent of the helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves. And even a full physique clothing to aid guard your child against scrapes and bruises should she or he lose control of his or her electric filthy bike.
  • Educate your children to play handiest in clearly targeted areas similar to dedicated dust tracks for motocross bikes and identical cars. As a lot as feasible, don’t play in the streets where there are vehicular visitors.
  • Always check the skill level of your little one and use speed limiters consistent with this degree.
  • Make sure to comply with the company’s strategies on charging occasions together with the right dealing with and storage of the electrical filth bike’s vigor provide unit.

We hope that you enjoyed our review of the best electric dirt bikes for kids. If you have anything in your mind please let us know in the comments below.

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