Best Portable Monitors in 2020 [Latest Buyer’s GUIDE]

Top 20 Best Portable Monitors in 2020 [Latest Buyer’s GUIDE]

Top 20 Best Portable Monitors in 2020 [Latest Buyer’s GUIDE]

Are you a Professional and have multiple jobs to do? Has working on your laptop become hectic by switching between the tabs and windows?

Then you might be so worried because, when you have to do so many tasks then a person can’t cope with this burden anymore.

If you are thinking of buying another laptop, or any of the best portable Monitors in 2020 because you can’t cope with the burden, so that’s a wise decision, your presence here shows that you want something in monitors which are movable and easy to carry.

As We, All Know! Technology is progressing with leaps and bounds bringing innovations for your ease and accessibility — those monitors which can use while traveling is one such innovation that is most demanding in the market.

Now professional workers who are jet-lagged using multiple windows can plug these Portable HDMI monitors in through USB ports or HDMI and enjoys the pleasure of working on two screens at one time.


It comes with a resolution and excellent aspect ratio for good displays. The full HD and 16:9 panel offers efficient pixel quality. About 2 million pixels for an acute crystal-clear visual enhance the image quality. It comes with a good response time of 7ms with overdrive. You can enjoy a smooth picture that offers a crisp image without motion blur issues.

Have a look below!

List of Top 20 Best Portable Monitors in 2020

ProductsWeightScreen SizePrice
ASUS M B169B1.6 lbs15.6 Inch
ASUS MB168B 15.6
Best For Price
1.76 lbs15.6 Inch
Gechic On-Lap 1503I2.4 lbs15.6 Inch
AOC e1659Fwu
Best For Features
2.4 lbs16 Inch
GeChic 2501H1.72 lbs15.6 Inch
AOC i1659fwux
Best For Features
1.6 lbs16 Inch
Lenovo Think Vision14.7 lbs24 Inch
GeChic 2501C 15.6
Best For Features
2.27 lbs15.6 Inch
GeChic 1303H
Best For Features
1.3 lbs13.3 Inch
GAEMS M1551.7 lbs15.5 Inch
Best For Price
2.4 lbs16 Inch
Gechic 1002
Editor Choice
1.1 lbs10.1 Inch
Gechic 110211.4 lbs11.6 Inch
HP Pavilion Monitor
Best For Price
6.6 lbs21.5 Inch
GeChic 1101P
Editor Choice
1.1 lbs11.6 Inch
Elecrow 11.61.33 lbs11.6 Inch
Gechic 1503H
Editor Choice
1.75 lbs15.6 Inch
G-STORY1.2 lbs15.6 Inch
SunFounder Raspberry Pi1.3 lbs13.3 Inch
Lepow USB C Monitor1.7 lbs15.6 Inch
Best For Features
1.72 lbs15.6 Inch
Prechen, HDMI Monitor3 lbs11.6 Inch
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